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The Newsletter of the Energy and Materials Research Group
June 2016, 25(2) The Circle of Life - and Institutions like EMRG!
EMRG staff retire
New Beginnings
Research Grants
Student Defenses
February 2016, 25(1) Fueling Conversation in Saudi Arabia.
Words of Advice for the New Canadian Government
EMRG Grads Represent at COP21
Recent EMRG Grads in the workforce
EMRGers Defend
October 2015, 24(3) Insights from the Canadian Plug-in Electric Vehicle Study
Recent publications
EMRG in Action:Presentations and Op-eds
EMRG in the workforce
New EMRG Students
June 2015, 24(2) Climate Policy: Public Acceptance Necessary?
Public Charging Infrastructure’s Influence
Jaccard’s European Modelling Adventure
EMRG Student Joins Climate Corp
Student updates
February 2015, 24(1) Citizen Perceptions of Fossil Fuel Infrastructure
Broad but Passive Support for LCFS
Op-ed: Let’s Keep BC’s LCFS Clean, Clear Cut and Strong
EMRG at TRB 94th Annual Meeting
October 2014, 23(3) EMRG Welcomes New Post-Doc
New Publications
EMRG in Action
June 2014, 23(2) Multi-university Study on Global Warming
BC LNG Workshop
Shale Energy Revolution,
Carbon Management,
Smart Grids,
Op-ed: The Media and Climate Change
February 2014, 23(1) Travels of Jaccard and Axsen
Dr. Huntington Visits
EMRG at the BECC Conference
Development of an Energy Statistics
October 2013, 22(3) The Accidental Activist
New Publications
EMRG in Action
June 2013, 22(2) Interview With Jaccard
Policies and Passenger Vehicles
Green Cars and Green Electricity
February 2013, 22(1) The Accidental Activist
New Publications
EMRG in Action
October 2012, 21(3) GHG Tax
Assessment of the Economic Potential of
CCS in Canada
New Study Compares British Columbia’s
Carbon Tax and Clean Electricity Standard
Mark Profiled as one of Canada’s Clean 16
Sustainable Values
3 New Students
June 2012, 21(2) Civil Disobedience 101
Electric Vehicle Hype and Hope
Climate Delusions
Using CIMS to Inform a CGE Model
EMRGers in the News
February 2012, 21(1) Gateway Pipeline
EMRG Participates
Student Updates
October 2011, 12(3) How Cheap is Energy Efficiency?
Public and Stakeholder Perspectives on BC’s Carbon Tax
Meet the new Students
June 2011, 20(2) CIMS-US modeling results in Washington, DC
CCS deployment in Canada
New publication on renewable electricity development
PICS funds two EMRG projects
Nic Rivers achieves his Ph.D. degree in March
New energy professor: Jonn Axsen joins the EMRG
February 2011, 20(1) Who Pays to Reduce Pollution?
Nyboer: a Busy Fall and Winter.
Update: Rose Murphy,PhD Candidate.
New Professor at REM.
October 2010, 19(3) Mark Jaccard Awarded Sterling Prize for Controversy
Jaccard’s Sabbatical Plans
Nyboer Repeats Course in Iceland
Research Update:
Shocking the CIMS US model
New Student Profiles
June 2010, 19(2) Mark Jaccard in Washington
Policies for Integrated Urban Energy Systems
Completed Research Projects - Caroline Lee & Jodie Capling
Introducing Steve Healey, PhD Student
February 2010, 19(1) Lessons from the Copenhagen Climate
Change Conference
Policy Recommendations on Sustainable Use of
Coal in China
Completed Research Project - Steve Groves
Recent Publications
October 2009, 18(3) Sustainable Use of Coal in China
Energy and Materials Management Taught in Iceland
Research on Household Energy Consumption
EMRG Update
June 2009, 18(2) EMRG Involved with the Pacific Institute for
Climate Solutions(PICS)
EMRG Collaboration with ITAM
A Note from the Administrator
EMRG Update
February 2009, 18(1) Abatement in OECD
Modelling transition economies
Energy Modelling Forum
IPCC Report
UN Climate Conference
Fall 2008, 17(3) Permit seller, permit buyers
Welcome to EMRG
CIMS-Global update
Completed research projects and publication
Spring 2008, 17(2) Will Hydrogen Succeed?
BC’s Carbon Tax Reform
EMRG Update
Nic Rivers awarded
Trudeau Scholarship
Winter 2008, 17(1) Modeling Canada's Bed-Fellow
Illuminating History
Fall 2007, 16(3) Vehicle Emissions Reduction Policies
Hot Air
EMRG Update
New Students
Summer 2007, 16(2) Computable General Equilibrium with Randy Wigle
The French Connection
B.C.Hydro PowerSmart Competition
EMRG Update
Winter 2007, 16(1) Modeling Canada's bedfellow
Illuminating history
Fall 2006, 15(3) Neighbour effect
Refrigerator rebound
Office move
New students
June 2006, 15(2) What is cost?
Dr. Jaccard Wins Donner prize,
C.D.Howe Report Creates Waves,
EMRG Updates
February 2006, 15(1) Industry Expert Review Meeting in South Africa,
EMRG Students Making an 'Impact',
Combining Stated and Revealed Preference Data,
New EMRG Students and Projects
October 2005, 14(3) Mark Jaccard's latest book!
June 2005, 14(2) EMRG Team Modelling in Paris<BR>Improving CIMS' Sector Models<BR>Geological Disposal of CO2:Survey Results<BR>What is MKJA?
February 2005, 14(1) Canadian Renewable Energy Database<BR>Canada's Clean Vehicle Future<BR>The Alphabet Soup of Climate Policy
October 2004, 13(3) Giving CIMS a Human Touch<BR>As the World Turns-CIMS improves its Interface<BR>Student Research Updates
May 2004, 13(2) Collaboration with France<BR>Innovative modelling comparison project<BR>CIMS provides vision for China's energy future
February 2004, 13(1) The Morning After:Optimal Greenhouse Gas Policies for Canada<BR>Image Transformation or Industrial Transformation?<BR>Student Research Updates
October 2003, 12(3) BCUC Decision Supports EMRG Analysis <BR> Getting Real-Discrete Choice Modelling and CIMS <BR> New Students, International Visitors and Speaking Engagements <BR>
June 2003, 12(2) Kyoto: What's a province to do?
CIMS goes macro
International progress on GHG reduction
February 2003, 12(1) China: The Next CIMS Frontier
BC's Energy Policy follows EMRG Lead
Cogeneration Potential in Canada: Phase 2
October 2002, 11(3) Discrete Choice Meets CIMS
"Cleaning the air" around climate policy
Can Carbon Sequestration help Canada meet Kyoto?

June 2002, 11(2) BC's electricity options for Vancouver Island
cost of climate policy book available
air quality co-benefits of GHG reduction.
February 2002, 11(1) Lower Mainland Commuter Results
Conference on Sequestration
Air Quality Co-benefits of GHG Reduction
October 2001, 10(2) Materials CIMS
Teaching in Bangladesh
New Publications

February 2001, 10(1) CIMS Puts on a New Face
Teaching in Bangladesh
October 2000, 9(2) Overseas Adventures
Transportation GHGS
June 2000, 9(1) MERG
Results of Climate Change Analysis
International Policies
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